Back at it

Operation Relocation is back in full-swing. After our house failed to sell earlier this year, we have been enjoying something of a house-selling hiatus. I use the term ‘enjoying’ very loosely here. You see, it’s been the depths of winter here in Wellington, and we have spent most of the past 2 months hosting a veritable smorgasbord of winter bugs. “Cough, hack, sneeze” will long be remembered as the soundtrack to our last ever winter in the Windy City.

Snow on the hills and bugs in the air. It must be winter.

Snow on the hills and bugs in the air. It must be winter.

I talked a while ago about Plan B. In this plan we were going to put the house on the market in the deep, dark, depths of winter. A time when the property market is so incredibly slow. Oh, AND we were going to do it without an estate agent (we’ve never even sold a house by ourselves before). Crazy!? Yeah, probably. I think we were feeling a bit desperate at the time. Thankfully, common sense prevailed (actually I think that the winter bugs came to visit around the same time, and so we just couldn’t be bothered with it all).

So, here we are in Wellington, still. Waiting, waiting….

I’ve been keeping a watch on the property market during our hiatus, and according to my highly untrained eye, I think soon could be a good time to get going again. So, yesterday I met with a new estate agent. He had a look at the house. We talked a bit about the market. I started to let myself think about Brisbane again, and how it might be to actually live there.

I have to be honest here. The enthusiasm and zeal that accompanied our initial plans to move back to Australia has waned somewhat. The disappointment of having our house not sell when we initially had it on the market, followed by an unplanned Wellington winter has sapped a whole lot of energy. I have even entertained thoughts of throwing in the towel, and just staying here in Wellington, for good. It would certainly be the easy option. Mr Maru is horrified by the idea. It’s also not what we want for our family. So, back at it we go.


6 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. Hello, I just found your blog this evening whilst browsing around the Wellington tag on wordpress. It’s funny, your family’s situation is the exact opposite of ours; we’re waiting on the universe to get in order so that we can move from Australia back to Wellington. Out of interest, what draws you back to Australia?


    • Hi Grace. Thanks for commenting. How funny that we find ourselves in the exact opposite situations. Wellington was always going to be a short to medium term location for us (we moved here initially for my husbands work – that was 5 years ago). We have loved it here. The people are so warm and welcoming. When the sun is shining, it’s such a stunningly beautiful city. On the flip-side though, we find the winters very long and hard. And the wind… oh the wind! We want to head back to Australia because we miss the climate and those warm beaches. We have 2 little ones as well, so being closer to the family in Australia is important to us. How about you, what brings you back to Wellington? Here’s hoping the universe works in both our favour very soon 🙂

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      • Ah yes, the Aussie climate is so different. I thought I was going to melt when we moved here – days and days above 30-35 degrees, and water that had to be run from the tap for 5 minutes before it got cool! Hopefully I can still stand the NZ winters. Must remember to pack many wooly jumpers.

        We’re hoping to move back for my work, but also to start a family. The pace of life in Wellington is a bit less frenetic than in Melbourne, and being closer to the bush, sea and sky should be good for our souls. We’ve had some steps in the right direction this week – hopefully things start moving along for you too!

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